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Carly Rae Jepsen Boyfriend List 2022 [Relationship & Gossip]

Do you know about Carly Rae Jepsen boyfriend? Carly is a well-known singer, and many people idealized her for her excellent singing quality. There are a lot of ups and downs in her career. Apart from crucial information about her career, she has interested fans about her love life. 

Her love life is very happening, and just like her career, her love life also shifted path numerous times. We gathered all information to serve you and shortly revealed the truth for which all of you are waiting. Let’s move forward to the main article without wasting any further time.

About Carly Rae Jepsen?

She is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She debuted in the industry in 2008. Before that, she studied music at a performing arts college in Canada. 

In the year 2007, she also takes part in Canadian Idol. Though she didn’t get a chance to win the show, she leaves a deep mark in the audience’s heart. Let’s dig into Carly Rae Jepsen boyfriend.

Date of birth21st November 1985
Net worth$10 million
Age36 in current calculations
OccupationSinger Song writer
Music nicheFlok Rock pop Disco Pop
First albumTug of War
Her boyfriendsM. Koma James Flannigan David Larkins Jordi Ashworth

About Carly’s career 

Here is her career. We must mention the one album that made her noticed by the public. The album is called me maybe in the year 2012. She never looked back and got impressive contracts of performances from that time. We will shortly disclose everything about Carly Rae Jepsen boyfriend. 

After this album, the most popular album is Kiss. This is also a benchmark of her career. With this album, she got mainstream success. Justin also acclaimed her and spread good words about her through Twitter. 

In 2012 she also appeared in the CW primetime soap opera and successfully handled her appearance and got a lit of appreciation. The single with Tom Hanks named I like you also got much audience love.

Consequently, the other single names emotion also got a lot of significant reactions from public Md industry personality.

Who is Carly Rae Jepsen boyfriend?

We talked a lot about her career. Let’s discuss the main focus of the topic, her love life. She got in a relationship four times till 2019. But not a single one worked out, and they all decided to separate their path.

  • In 2012 her first boyfriend after coming into the industry was Matthew, a famous and loved musician in America. 
  • Moreover, their relationship worked for one year, but they found they got out of love and separated.
  • After that, James Flannigan appeared in her life. He is a quiet big business personality. 
  • However, there is not much information available about their relationship. We found several photos and previous posts that clearly show they were in love for a specific time.
  • Also, when we are talking about her all ex, we mention the name of Jordi, who is her friend, and then they fell in love in 2011.
  • But still, for Carly’s career, they got into many fights, and they got separated. Let’s find out about the recent names of Carly Rae Jepsen boyfriend.
  • Now, the time is coming to reveal the name of her most excited boyfriend who is David Larkins. She got into a relationship in 2015. And their relationship seems to be a smooth one but with time, we see they faced a lot of ups and downs and problems in their relationship.
  • Though at first, they are not officially announced their relationship time, in 2017, they started posting photos and catching up together in different places. They declared that they were in a relationship.
  •  But unfortunately, this relationship was also not worked out, and they got separated in 2019. There has been no definite news that Carly has a boyfriend, and as of now, according to various sources, she is single.


Here is everything you need to know about Carly rae Jepsen boyfriend. Hopefully, your curiosity gets over, and you got all the information that you people are wanted to know. 

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