Excitel Broadband Reviews

Excitel Broadband Reviews by Real Customers 2022

How better is Excitel? Read the Excitel broadband reviews? Claiming to be the fastest internet speed providers are also offering discounts. Is it worth activating?

Are you looking for a new internet connection but do not know which company to choose? Excitel is one of the companies that provide consistent performance brought in by European brands.

It is one of the oldest and most preferred companies in India, and they have the best pocket-friendly packages that most customers prefer. This article will discuss all the aspects of this company that will help you get out of any predicament. Please read further to know more.

What is excitel broadband?

It is an internet connection provider that multiple packages according to the customers. According to the latest analysis, excitel has provided services to more than 6,50,000 households up till now. The company tries to provide high-quality performance and works with local partners to ensure good support. 

As per the information mentioned on their website, they have the fastest speed internet available in India and the friendliest customer care service. They have incorporated their digital network in the most rural areas not covered by any other brand.

The company offers no installation charge for fiber connections. Continue reading to know more about Excitel broadband reviews.

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How to install excitel broadband services?

Are you thinking of choosing a package from excited broadband? Here is the step-by-step guide to help you install their services.

  • You can use any device to access their official website through your browser.
  • Type excitel.com in the designated box and press search.
  • Now, you will get redirected to their home page.
  • Please read all the information present on it before purchasing their subscription.
  • You will find a box asking you to input your location to suggest plans.
  • Select your location and press search.
  • You will see a list of plans accordingly; choose any one of them per your preference.
  • Now you will get you detected to that specific plan page we are all the information will be provided.
  • Read each point carefully and proceed with the payment.
  • Once you have completed all the prompt steps, the representative will be sent to your house within a few days to install your connection.


  • It is considered one of the widest broadband internet connections in India.
  • You can contact them through online services and decide if you wish to purchase their plan.
  • They do not charge installation fees on many plans.
  • New subscribers get many complimentary services.


  • We found people complaining about speed in Excitel broadband reviews.
  • Undersatisfactory customer care services.

Is Excitel broadband legit?

It is a European company spreading its market in India for February years. They have a clout of trusted members that renew their subscription now and then. You can find the social media handles on all platforms and even look for their jobs on LinkedIn. 

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After analyzing Excitel broadband reviews, we found many satisfied customers who trusted their services. You can easily find your nearest local service provider from Excitel on Google maps.

Try to visit their store and get more information on the plants available in your area. We are confident about the legitimacy of this brand.

What are the Excitel broadband reviews?

According to a recent survey, excitel broadband is considered the number 1 fiber connection in many states. There is a mixed response on open sources, with many people complaining about their refund policies and customer care services. On the other hand, many people have become trusted customers for a long time.

Most of the connection issues get created by the local providers, so if you have a service issue. It is likely because of your service provider and not the brand policies. Subrahmanyam posted an excitel broadband review stating the unprofessional refund services of his subscriber.

While installation, representatives were very friendly and did it immediately. But when he wanted to cut off the connection, he had to go through a lot of trouble and financial loss.


The Excitel broadband reviews differ from area to area. We found some comments suggesting it as a bad service in Bangalore, whereas others mention it to be a good connection provider in Delhi NCR.

So we will suggest that you go through some testimonials from your state before purchasing their plan. Please share your experience with us in the comments section.

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