Exipure Scam

Exipure Scam Or Not – What People Says ? 2022

Is Exipure scam? Do you want to lose weight but lose track of your diet and skip a workout? Here is a supplement that enables your body to weight by acting on fat-storing adipose tissues.

The formula got discovered by Dr. Lam to help obese people in the United States. He understands the health issues and risks that overweight people face. In this article, we will discuss all the benefits and drawbacks. It will help you to understand before making any substantial purchase. Read further to know more.

What is Exipure?

It is a supplement formulated by Dr. James Wilkins to lose weight by stimulating your body cells. The pills get manufactured using organic herbs and eight ingredients. It allows your body to convert the stored fat in BAT (brown adipose tissue), which is the main reason for gaining excess mass.

You can find it on the official store at $59 per bottle. The price got reduced for bulk purchases. Continue reading to know if Exipure scam.

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Ingredients used in manufacturing

Every bottle consists of 300 mg formulated pills with eight herbs that target weight loss. Apart from this, it can also help in better overall health.

  • Holy Basil: This ingredient added 2.5% Oleanolic and Ursolic acid to the formula. It helps maintain blood pressure and lower cholesterol to reduce physical/mental strain.
  • Perilla: Perilla adds up to 90% of the formula with luteolin that helps digestion, decreases bloating, and prevents allergies. It is the main component for the stimulation of BAT.
  • Amur Cork Bark:  We found Berberine extract from this herb to relieve mental stress. It is excellent for women suffering from osteoporosis and cognition. It balances cortisol that might be causing weight gain. The ingredients are effective for prostate problems.
  • Oleuropein: This chemical is present in olive oil and composed of 20% of the formula. It is a natural weight loss solution that decreases fat deposits by stimulating BAT and improves health.
  • Kudzu: It is the herb to derive Pueraria Iobata. It acts as an overall health booster with multiple benefits. It can deduct inflammation, reduce heart problems, and fight liver dysfunction and headaches.
  • White Korean Ginseng: It is for maintaining overall health and supports the activation of BAT. According to some experiments, we found it effective in reducing fat absorption in the intestine.
  • Quercetin: It gets highly used in weight loss programs and pills to reduce fat storage.

How Does it Work?

According to the claims of this company, it is the first weight loss supplement that has concentrated on the route cause of Obesity. Here are a few points that will help you understand the working procedure of this pill and how it affects your body.

  • These supplements help in increasing the level of BAT. It is the group of cells producing energy by burning fat during exercises and workouts.
  • An increase in the level of this tissue will also increase the burning of fat, which will directly help in weight loss.
  • According to an analysis, people with more BAT in their bodies are leaving because they can burn more calories in less time.
  • You can take this supplement along with a healthy diet with a low calorific value. In this scenario, your body will burn fatter due to an increased level of BAT, and you will lose weight at a faster rate.
  • So this pill helps in the overall expenditure of body fat, thus giving you the perfect lean body.
  • It also helps in boosting your daily energy, keeping you active all day long.


  • The ingredients used are organic and toxic-free.
  • Only herbs and plant-derived items get included.
  • No stimulants and GMOs get incorporated.
  • The supplement got found to be effective by scientific studies.


  • Reviews show many side effects.
  • Low consumer rating.

Is Exipure scam?

The pill gets advertised as a Tropical bunch of goodness used for weight loss. According to the advertisement, it gets scientifically tested. But we did not find any solid proof of the authenticity.

The pills are not available on any other e-commerce so you cannot be sure of their legitimacy. We found several red flags about this product in open sources that made us doubt its credibility. The reviews presented on open sources got filled with negative feedback and comments.

We came across a video from a well-known doctor mentioned of Exipure scam people with the misleading advertisement. We will suggest our readers beware of this supplement and not waste their money.

What are customer reviews on Exipure?

  • We did a comprehensive analysis of all the testimonials present on open platforms. The supplement got found with a poor consumer rating of 2/5 stars.
  • Trust pilot mentioned that the company was trying to mislead customers by putting up fake reviews in the past, but they took them down.
  • The reviews get filled with disgruntled customers who got allured by Exipure scam advertisement and spent their money.
  • Later on, they found no results and weight loss. Some people stated that they had been undergoing side effects from this supplement. We advise our readers to go through these testimonials before making any decision.


We found certain feedback on Exipure scam claiming false result. The reviews put us into a dilemma about their legitimacy. It is not a pocket-friendly option for many people in the United States. We suggest you do background research and look for other options in the weight loss supplement category.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.

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