Is Bbamall Legit

Is Bbamall Legit Or Not ? Check Customer Feedbacks 2022

Is bbamall legit? It is an online portal that allows you to purchase all the daily necessities from one Store at affordable prices. It is a new domain, so many people are not confident about its authenticity. 

This article will discuss all the aspects to get you out of any predicament. With advanced technology, online shopping has become the most prominent option for purchasing any item due to its uncountable advantages. But some hidden scams can lead people in the United States into troublesome situations. 

Hence it is necessary to get all the background information on any E-Commerce before making any substantial purchase.

What is Bbamall?

It is an E-Commerce dealing in daily clothing necessities of human beings like undergarments, sunglasses, socks, T-shirts, fashion accessories, footwear, and much more. The platform has put up some sales and offers that allow you to purchase items at a 60% discount.

All the items have different color range to choose from, so you can find the latest trends in clothing and fashion. 

The portal presents well-defined policies and secure payment options. Please continue reading to know more about whether it is bbamall legit.


  • Email: Utilise [email protected] to send your queries and problems.
  • Phone number: Absent.
  • Address: You can find their office at 71 Shelton Street, London, United Kingdom.
  • Shipping: The charges depend upon the location and country. You will not get charged for shipping for purchases above $35.
  • Social media: Absent
  • Type of website: It is a young brand dealing with clothing and fashion products.
  • Payment method: You can pay through online banking or UPI.
  • Refund policy: Absent.


  • You can subscribe to the newsletter to get daily updates on promotions and offers.
  • The website allows you to track the order.
  • They ship internationally.
  • 60% discount sale on many items.


  • They have left out information on the return policy and social media.
  • The email address does not match the name of the website.
  • The limited collection is present on the website.
  • No reviews section is available on the portal.

Is Bbamall Legit?

Here are some aspects that will help you determine: Is Bbamall Legit?

  • Website Age: it is a new domain founded in March 2022. But in the about a section, they have mentioned that the company got established in 2006.
  • Trust Score of Website: it has a low trust score because of slow traffic and no clout.
  • Contact details- The contact address provided by them seem plagiarized. They have not given the number for instant inquiry. The email presented by them does not match the website name. They have refrained from sharing the contact details of the owner.
  • Website Originality: most of the pictures loaded by them seem plagiarised and Photoshop from other websites. The data present in the about us section seems copied from other companies.
  • Reviews: There are no verified responses on the website or open sources.
  • Social media: We could not find any account available on the social platform.

To sum up the above information, we would say that it does not seem like a legitimate brand, and you should not waste your time on it. 

What are the customer reviews on bbamall?

The bbamall got launched one month before, so there is no authentic customers response on open sources. The official website has no option to present reviews from users in the United States. 

The platform has slow traffic and no clout to help us judge its legitimacy. To find: Is bbamall legit? We tried to locate their social media handles. 

But, we failed to find any link on the official website for redirecting us to their accounts. It can be their strategy to stay low-key for scamming the audience. As per our analysis, it seems like a suspicious domain with many red flags.


After delivering all the above information, we can answer: Is Bbamall Legit? There are many sketchy aspects of this website to make us doubt its authenticity. But it is a new domain, so we would like to see how it performs in the future. 

We recommend our readers wait until some verified reviews get posted. 

Please share your experience with us in the comments section. 

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