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Kim Kardashian Roblox – Check What You Missed ? 2022

Do you want to Kim Kardashian Roblox experience? When you will see Kim K on Roblox avatar with her son. Roblox became a nightmare recently; read the whole incident.

We know this gaming platform has taken the world by storm, and many celebrities have associated it. We often find videos of content creators encountering real-life pop stars and actors during the gameplay. 

For all the Kardashian fans in the United States, we have confirmed that Kim plays Roblox with her son Saint. Lately, there has been an unpleasant incident for the clan during Saint’s gameplay. Read further to know all the information.

Who is Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian is one of the Elite celebrities in Hollywood. She started as a fashion stylist for Paris Hilton but later received much recognition through her TV series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

You can find her famous beauty line KKWBeauty in many online and offline stores. The Kardashian and Jenner sisters have immense popularity on social media and the fashion industry.

According to the latest news, a new season of their Tv series is launching in April 2022. Kim appeared as a huge celebrity, model, socialite, and TV personality in this era. Continue reading to know more about Kim Kardashian Roblox.

NameKimberly Noel Kardashian
DOB21 October 1980
HometownLA, the United States
HighschoolMarymount High School
CareerModel Socialite TV personality Businesswoman
HusbandDamon Thomas (ex-husband) Kris Humphries (ex-husband) Kanye West (ex-husband)

 Does Kim Kardashian play Roblox?

In an interview with The Ellen Show (Timeout for Moms), she revealed that she plays Roblox. She got questioned, “What’s something you had to learn on the fly as a parent.” 

To this query, she answered that she has been on the ride of learning new things since giving birth. Recently she has started learning Roblox and plays with her children. 

Lately, Kim Kardashian Roblox experience has been in the news for some drastic event. Though she did not reveal her username or other information, we are confident that she has become a part of the Roblox player community. 

Kim revealed her son loves playing Roblox and is an active member of many 3D worlds.

What incident made Kim Kardashian Roblox experience a nightmare?

While Kim’s 6-year-old son was playing Roblox, he received an inappropriate joke from his fellow players through the chatbox. The message displayed a teary picture of her mother with “unreleased footage.” The incident pointed out her experience of intimate video with Ray J.

Though her son is too young to read and understand the joke, Kim got startled by the comment and immediately contacted her lawyer to seek the matter. 

Later on, she got confirmation from Marty Singer that the message was a bluff and no footage was left. Kim had to seek comfort from her ex-husband Kanye; she was in tears while explaining the situation.

Kim acknowledged the incident publically. She revealed that she does not want her past to be brought out in front of her children. People should be ashamed of putting up 20 years old experience now. It is unbelievable that people could still be this cruel and take actions like such.

Kim Kardashian comments on her past

Before the Kim Kardashian Roblox experience, she previously mentioned in many interviews that she dreads the day she has to explain her actions about her intimate footage to her children. 

But after the incident has happened 20 years from now, she has achieved so many positive things. It erases the bad memory, but she still wishes she could take back the day it happened. 

People in the United States have always judged her for the tape. 

Suppose she could erase an incident from her past. The video would be it!


After stating all the above information, we can conclude that the Kim Kardashian Roblox experience has been bitter-sweet. Though she got attacked by an indecent joke about her past, she is a strong woman. 

Kim handled the incident with grace and took the matter into her own hands. Saint continues to play the game but under the strict surveillance of their mother.

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