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Tophire Reviews – Read This Before Joining? 2022

Read the Tophire reviews submitted by those who got high-paid jobs? But there are some pros and cons of it that you must know, read about. Ratings: ★★★☆☆

Are you an engineer looking for a new job or want to connect with new companies to start up your entrepreneurship? If you wish to hire new people or get hired by exciting companies, this website is a good platform.

Every day we hear about unemployment news in India. This condition needs to be eradicated by a continuous and collective approach by the community. Top highest one of the companies trying to help unemployed engineers get the placement they deserve. Create your profile now by following the steps mentioned in this article. Please read further to know more.

What is Tophire? 

It is an online portal connecting the best engineers with hiring companies. If you are a professional with good experience but do not get paid enough. 

It is time to switch from your local job and choose the best companies around the globe looking for software, architectural, IT, mechanical, and hardware engineers that can work on exquisite projects.

They have many services that help you build a good profile and get recommendations from highly educated people. You can contact the representatives and get feedback on your CV. 

They also share ways to improve your resume and become experienced an engineer. The company got dedicated to providing only authentic and verified jobs according to your engineering criteria. Please continue reading to know more about Tophire reviews.

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How to apply for a job on Tophire?

The company works with 50 lines from Silicon Valley with 50-70 openings every month with new projects dedicated to IT and software. There is a guideline to help you get a job from them:

  • Start by using any device with an active internet connection.
  • Now visit your browser and search for the official website of
  • When you reach their home page, make sure you read all the information before following the further steps.
  • Click on the three lines on the top bar.
  • You will find three options clients, candidates, and jobs.
  • Click on any one of them to get information about the respected subject.
  • Currently, there are no jobs available on the platform. They are trying to create a list for the future.
  • To get knowledge about the future clients and companies, you need to contact them on 4082656200 to get further information.

The website will always consult the candidate before forwarding your information. So, they are maintaining privacy.


  • They are working with 50 Silicon Valley companies.
  • You can apply for the job even if you are a new engineer with no experience.
  • They help you create an impactful CV.


  • No jobs get mentioned on the website.
  • They do not specify working hours for the employees.

Is Tophire legit? 

We visited the LinkedIn page of the top higher and found five employees from this platform. There are 416 followers of this account. We found several Tophire reviews on other open sources that depicted a pleasant work culture at the domain. 

It is a respected marketplace recommended by many authentic companies. Do not fear to share your resume or other information with the company because they always consult the individual before forwarding your details to the clients. 

We did a comprehensive analysis of all the aspects of this website and found no sketchy policies. Hence we can consider it a legitimate platform for helping Indian youth get deserving jobs.

What are the Tophire reviews?

We came across Tophire reviews on various open sources that provided a consumer rating of 4 out of 5 stars, which depict that most of the engineers are satisfied with their experience on this platform. 

After reading many comments, we could understand that there is no flat hierarchy, and every individual gets treated with good opportunities and respect.

Some negative reviews showcased the downside of this job by implementing a high volume of work on their employees. 

There is no specific working hour of the domain; their representatives would send you to work at any time of the day and expect you to get prepared. But sensitizer is a cost service you can always try to see it works for you.


Hence, after considering the information gathered through Tophire reviews, we can conclude that it is a good service for new engineers looking for a job. Though some people did not get any good response from the website, you can have a better experience than them. 

Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.

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